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Our diagnostic experience available to help you control your organization

We created Circular-Lab with the aim of adding value to the integration and centralization of diagnosis data. Our advanced digital platform enables the automation of processes and data management, as well as its digitalization, yielding efficiency to the health value chain of the pandemic

Minimize the impact of COVID-19. Our objective is to provide both public and private managers with an effective control tool to mitigate the pandemic effects, taking care of people’s health and therefore, ensuring the companies productivity.

Provides managers with a key tool to establish a comprehensive security framework in order to return to activity and develop a structure that allows responding to new outbreaks quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently, minimizing the spread of the virus in the organization.

Enables the automation of processes, data management and its digitalization, building a control and alarm system that allows quick reactions to risk situations.

Which is our goal?

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Correct diagnosis

Analyze and interpret your staff status, helping the management of your company’s activity, classifying employees by risk and vulnerability groups.

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Apply appropriate acting and monitoring protocols for the different risk groups and for the company’s  casuistry and needs.

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Specialists in a cost-efficient knowledge: who, how, when to test and how to monitor these actions, with automatic alerts when positives are identified or risk situations take place, in order to react instantly.

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It renders the information and performs automated continuous monitoring to anticipate future closures, quarantines and other anomalous situations. We adapt to your company policy.

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Foresight and cost-efficiency

It provides safety with a realistic cost perspective, an investment adjusted to the needs of the company and sustainable over time while the pandemic lasts.

Our team

The Circular-Lab team has extensive experience in Health sector and developing technological platforms for diagnostic and pharmaceutical fields at an international level.

CEO & Chief Medical Officer

María Fe Paz (MD, PhD, MBA)

Entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience and strategic consultant to the healthcare industry, global pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, NGOs, EU and US governments and regulatory authorities. Experience in the implementation of diagnostic market advances and founding partner of several companies. She is founder of IPBA and Circular-Lab and advisor to the European Commission in innovation, technology, diagnosis and health strategies. PhD (USA)

Chief Business Officer

Andrés Ballesteros (JD, LLM, MBA)

Entrepreneur in the biotechnology sector with more than 15 years of experience in the field of health at a global level (EU, US and China). Andrés is regularly engaged in supporting the companies launch and financing in the healthcare sector and has field experience in it in China. Previously, he worked in the international legal and financial field in New York (USA).


Juan Escayola

Co-founder of Farmavet, a web application development company for the health sector. Founder of BCN Quark, focused on the development of encryption algorithms and an application that, using QR codes, allows authentication on websites with the maximum privacy guarantees. He leads, at a technological level, the platform for collecting biological oncology samples of Biomarkerpoint of Roche Laboratories. He leads the Oncology Pipeline project that evaluates studies carried out around the world.

Chief Scientific Officer

Luiz Gustavo Guedes (PhD, MBA)

Scientist with more than 20 years of experience, discovering biomarkers, developing assays, and performing global strategic consulting. Market researcher and development in the biotech/ pharmaceutical industry, through global product management and marketing, including Thermo Fisher Scientific and Illumina. PhD (Ger).

Chief Marketing Officer

Luis Samaranch Dezcallar (MBA)

Luis has worked for more than 10 years in the Business Development area, Marketing and Sales. Expert in change management, market analysis and in the launch of technological products in the medical-pharmaceutical sector. Strategist in Business Process Management in companies in the services and IT sector.

Scientific Director, Covid-19

Fabrizio Cortesi (RN-CNS, HEMS)

Fabrizio has worked for more than 15 years in the ICU Emergency area in Italy, United Kingdom and Australia, and airborne medical assistance. During the last decade he has worked in the In Vitro Diagnosis companies and in the Infection Prevention sector as a Clinical Consultant and Product Manager for the products launch in the marketing and sales area.

VP Diagnostics

Camille Garnier (PhD,MBA)

Scientist with more than 8 years of experience in basic, translational and clinical research (FR, UK, US) and global strategic consulting. Product and application specialists for pathology / genomic solutions at Dako / Agilent (FR, CH, DK) PhD (FR).

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