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All the information through our dashboard with fully customizable performance indicators and according to the priorities of each company

  1. Status of the template
  2. Periodic reports
  3. Regional control and alerts
  4. Monitoring KPIs

Technological singularities

Asset 9
  1. Circular-Lab © is designed to store and process large amounts of data.

  2. Analysis with Big Data tools, Machine Learning algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

  3. Study of trends and evolution, epidemiology, seroprevalence, preventive medicine or anticipation of situations, among other elements.
Asset 10
  1. Centralization of data in real time.
  2. More advanced digital tools and cybersecurity.

  3. Truthful and robust analysis of situations and trends related to Covid-19.
  4. Data traceability.
  5. Inform management decisions, optimize processes and action protocols.
Asset 11
  1. Scalable.
  2. Distributed and immutable databases.
  3. Unlimited data collection capacity, given its architecture and design.
Asset 12
  1. Tools for ingesting and importing data from different sources (public and private databases, hospitals, laboratories, health centers, control readers).
  2. Data structuring for subsequent analysis.

  3. Versatility of adaptation to other tools while maintaining security and encryption criteria.

What makes us different?

AFTER Circular-Lab:

Efficient management capacity and anticipation of new outbreaks.

  • Automation and efficiency.
  • Take control of the situation.
  • Cost-efficient testing based on need.
  • Clear and efficient acing protocols.
  • Continuous monitoring and traceability.
  • Risks prevention.

BEFORE Circular-Lab

Management inability and anticipation of new outbreaks

  • Lack of knowledge of casuistry.
  • Lack of knowledge of carried out tests.
  • Lack of knowledge of real risk.
  • Unclear and inefficient acting protocols.
  • Inability to monitor.
  • Difficulty in planning.

Our Partners

Inflection Point BiomedicalAdvisors (IPBA) is an international strategic consultancy in biomedicine, specialized in development, market access and implementation of innovation, precision medicine and diagnostics.

Company focused on the development of innovative protocols in Digital Identity and in the area of health and the biomedical industry.

International experts in solving information technology problems that help organizations with the most advanced digital technologies.

Company specialized in strategies and solutions in cybersecurity and process auditing.

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