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The increase in COVID-19 cases has lead to an increment of the demand for testing. This pressure will raise in autumn when COVID-19 outbreaks and confusion will occur upon the arrival of viral infections typical of these months and with common symptoms, such as colds and the flu.

Occupational risk prevention services, clinics and laboratories are seeing how this increased demand for testing has impacted their management capacity, which implies a greater workload and requires greater traceability and automation to promote efficiency. The responsibility of reporting cases to the health authorities as well as to the Public Administration also falls on laboratories and clinics, which implies a greater workload and requires greater traceability and automation to favor efficiency.


Connect by Circular-Lab © supports laboratory managers in the efficient and safe management of the demand for testing, fully covering the company-clinic / WRPS-TSA / laboratory circle.

How we work?

The Connect by Circular Lab © tools allow a safe, efficient and structured management of business testing for Covid-19, taking care of each step of the chain in detail to facilitate work, demand management and minimize the common errors in this kind of process . Our system offers automation and traceability throughout the value chain.

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  1. Upload the list of your laboratory employees on the platform.
  2. Completion of Covid questionnaire with screening algorithm (optional).
  3. Stop worrying about the logistics of testing: a list of tests along with appointments are sent directly to the clinic or prevention service.

  4. Automatic alert of results.
  5. Visibility and traceability of the process in real time in the control panel (dashboard).
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  1. Anticipation and optimization of work flow.
  2. Visibility of patients and tests to be carried out.
  3. Automatic generation of result reports with customizable logo and recommendations.
  4. Customer alerts and secure channel for delivery of S3 results.
  5. Direct connection to LIMS or laboratory equipment.
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  1. Visibility of the list of individuals with code and tests to be carried out.
  2. Bar code generator and reader.
  3. Shipment management: notification to the laboratory and logistics company for collection.
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Clinic or WRPS

  1. Import of patient lists, appointments and tests.
  2. Scan, import or generate flyer on the platform.
  3. Order of sample extraction to TSA.
  4. Integration with your own hospital platform or Intranet.

Our method

Thanks to our software and its methodology, Connect and Circular-Lab make it possible to optimize processes through data management and digitalization and allows:

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