Our method

No improvisation:
take control of the pandemic

Thanks to our software and its methodology, Connect by Circular-Lab © provides a modular and adaptable technological solutions to the casuistry of your company that allows:

  1. Fast identification of risk situations, with alerts and automatic protocols to prevent the spread of the virus in the organization.

  2. Management of the chaos that can cause the coincidence in time of COVID-19 outbreaks with the usual viral infections typical from Fall. Circular-Lab and its technology can help you discriminate between COVID-19 and the flu or colds, both with similar symptoms, discerning between them in order to protect and reactivate the  activity.

  3. Anticipate possible outbreaks of COVID-19 and quarantines to avoid eventual closures of your activity.

How we work?

Asset 13


Dashboard with real-time template information for informed decision making.

Asset 14


Risk identification and monitoring tools. Disinfection and facilities adequacy.

Asset 15


Automatic alerts in risk situations. Acting protocols to prevent the spread of the virus and reactivate the activity.

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We combine management tools with intelligent testing algorithms in a safe and sustainable solution that substantially reduces the costs associated with Covid-19 monitoring.

Our method

Stop worrying about managing the logistics of testing.

You can see the results in real time in your monitoring control panel. Circular-Lab has digitalized and automated all the steps of the testing chain for efficient and safe operation, reducing the need for management and human error.

  1. Upload of your organization’s data on our platform.
  2. Automated management of extraction and testing according to the algorithm-based screening pattern in the clinic / WRPS / Laboratory agreed upon.
  3. Laboratory Analysis and digital report with specific recommendations for action.
  4. Sending the information to the Dashboard (control panel) of the company manager for alerts and planning.

Data traceability and continuous monitoring: Circular-Lab tools allow you to have an automation and digitalization system for your workforce data to obtain information in real time and take control of the situation. Our tools:

  1. Dynamic QR generation: a dynamic, personal and non-transferable QR is generated per employee identifying their risk group and COVID-19 status.
  2. QR reader application for access controls.
  3. Automatic risk  alert to prevent the spread of the virus and try to affect your activity as little as possible.
  4. Alert by proximity and geographic distribution: traceability of the employee for the rapid identification of individuals who have had close contact with an infected or at-risk employee, or regional outbreaks or at company headquarters.
  5. Design of acting protocols adapted to the casuistry of your organization.
  6. Self-reporting application: nyone who has been exposed or has symptoms, has at their disposal an interactive symptom management tool, and an alert notification button that would appear on the manager’s dashboard and would be automatically communicated to employees who have had contact (optional). Beginning of the acting protocol to stop the spread of the virus in your organization.
  7. Reporting – KPIs: Visual report and interpretation of the results in the manager’s dashboard, customizable for the KPIs of interest.

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